RoCX Incan Strategy

Oh, how sweet it is to play Rhye's Civ to feel true historicity and wonder how precisely it can be followed! Now you are up to take the role of developing the nation of the Inca to… Err, uhh, how did that go in the books? No! You don't want to meet those damned conquistadors…
Playing with the Incans, you have to give up pride and notice that your homeland of the mighty Andes is not a place for the glorious civilization you picture for yourself.

But I have several good news, some are unique in RoCX:
- You have a WHOLE continent to explore for yourself, and yes, to settle as well! No other nation will come until, say, the 1400s…
- You will find ALL strategic resources in South-America!
- There are LOTS of goody huts to pop up, and not only in the South, but also up in North America, too!

You have to plan to make a "new country" as soon, as possible. Build a road through the Andes (somewhere east of the south end of the southern desert valley that is along the coast at your starting location). Just a glance to history: today Argentina and Brazil are the two big ones in the continent - so go and settle today's North Argentina and South Brazil. And yes, move your Palace, too, by the Middle Ages you should have a new Capital!

Your UU, the Chasqui scout is really shining: hurry up north and meet fellow Americans, the two Central and two Northern nations. The scouts will also give you techs through the goody huts, use this chance wisely (move scouts in mountains, so barbarians will not hurt them!).

And here you have two options, one is peaceful, the other is of a long bloody ritual!

The Peaceful Way

With careful trading, you can do some reasonable decent tech-development. You can also collect quite some money - keep it, you will need it when making contact and first trades with Europeans…
When going for to become the strongest overall civ, you most definitely carve to build the STATUE OF LIBERTY for yourself, as it serves like a Great Library for the second half of history! That's quite something! And here you again want to alter history: don't let it to fall into Lincoln's hand! So take that in mind from the very beginning: America must be kept behind, and since war is not a likely option, anti-trade is the means to "fight"…
Around 1400, sooner or later, you will be discovered. Buy some techs for your legendary gold, and make sailing a priority! Find nations that are on par-level with you, surely some nice trading opens to you! Trading and keeping good diplomacy, that's the key…
And once you grab the Statue of Liberty, and have a dozen of nice cities, you are on good tracks to have a peaceful victory…

The Bloody Way

You are a Mesoamerican nation, go and have a feast of blood with your clubmen, get slaves and sacrifice them! A horde of them! The Gods will like it and grant you with a great One City Cultural Victory! That is, if you are smart enough to make it.
In this way it is the northern Americans you wish to have a friendly trade with, Aztecs and Mayans will be foes FOREVER. See, you are not to end it, you want to win battles, not wars! In this story, there is only one goal, to have a single city to amass culture! Get the Temple of Kukulcan, put every cultural building into that one city, but all others are to serve the BIG WAR that is to take place up north, in the well defendable narrow land, isthmus of south-Central America. So all your country (which you build up still east of the Andes) will serve as a big war-machinary.
Oh, and those workers you capture: first use them to improve your land, sacrificing can wait. But don't wait too long - you've got to win the race, those Europen conquistadors may be a-coming… and then it will be your blood sacrificed.

Authors: V.Soma and Micromegas

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