Rhye's And Fall Of Civilization


Rhye's and Fall of Civilization is the sequel to Rhye's of Civilization - the fastest loading mod, one of the
most popular modpacks for Civilization III, with more than 25'000 downloads.
Rhye's and Fall of Civilization is a modpack for Civilization IV that attempts to make your single player
game an “Earth simulator".
It can be considered a hybrid between mod and scenario: the core of the game is heavily customized, but
each change integrates with the static map in order to make a realistic and historically correct game based
on an Earth map, without pre-placed cities.

…To quote the man himself.

Here's a game review, by the Magical Flying Chicken


Rhye's and Fall of Civilization, or RFC, has, to date, over 50,000 downloads on the CivFanatics Forums, and is widely regarded as one of the best mod for Civilization IV around. It's unique style of mixing historical accuracy with enjoyable gameplay has won the hearts of many forum members, causing wiki making, long discussions of Rhye's greatness and even the founding of a new religion.

There is always controversy about the new features that Rhye adds, the most recent being plague, and also constant arguments about which new civilizations to include in the mod, despite Rhye saying that he will not add any more civs. Ah well, it keeps us busy.

Thank you Rhye, for donating your time and skills to make a good game great.


Rhye's also includes many features:

For more information, please see the readme, or the FAQ.

If you have any problems winning, read the strategy guides. You may also want to consult the RFC Atlas.

If you don't understand the UHV, check out Unique Historical Victory.

Skip loading times using pre-generated saves.

For more informations on bugs and issues, check the release notes.

And of course, our forum is always crowded with users who will help you

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