Rfce Ottomans

OTTOMAN start: 1300 AD

Leaders: SULEIMAN II (the Magnificent)

Favoured Civic: VASSALAGE

Favored Religion: ISLAM

Unique Unit: GREAT BOMBARD (replaces bombard, +6 strength, +100% agst. cities)

Unique Building: HAMMAN (replaces aqueduct)

Unique Power:POWER OF CONSCRIPTION (Can draft units from foriegn culture in conquered cities)

Great People:

Sultan Murad I (Great General)
Orhan Ghazi (Great General)
Suleiman I (Great General)
Selim I (Great General)
Bayezid II (Great General)

Turgut Reis (Great Spy)
Ismail Enver (Great Spy)
Ibrahim Pasha (Great Spy)
Kemal Reis (Great Spy)
Hayreddin Pasha (Great Spy)

Sokollu Mehmet (Great Prophet)
Mustafa Cagriol (Great Prophet)
Yankov Culi (Great Prophet)
Yakir Gueron (Great Prophet)
Sabatai Zevi (Great Prophet)

Thabit ibn Qurra (Great Scientist)
Cahit Arfa (Great Scientist)
Qazi Zedah (Great Scientist)
Oktay Sananoglu (Great Scientist)
Fazay Gursey (Great Scientist)

Yunus Emre (Great Artist)
Gul Baba (Great Artist)
Abidin Dino (Great Artist)
Mehmet Akif Ersoy (Great Artist)
Atik Sinan (Great Artist)

Evliya Celebi (Great Merchant)
Hormuz Rassam (Great Merchant)
Vehbi Koc (Great Merchant)
Aydin Dogan (Great Merchant)
Nuri Demirag (Great Merchant)

Teken Dereci (Great Engineer)
Erdal Inonu (Great Engineer)
Gaza Yasargil (Great Engineer)
Celal Sengor (Great Engineer)
Ekmel Ozbay (Great Engineer)

Unique Historical Victory:
1. Control Constantinople and Anatolia in 1500AD
2. Control the Balkans south of the Danube in 1600AD
3. Control the Levant, Egypt and Vienna by 1750AD

Files for Code

Here is version 1 of an encoded settler map, telling the AI where to settle:

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