Rfce England

ENGLAND start: 1060 AD

Leaders: ElIZABETH I

Favoured Civic: MERCANTILISM


Unique Unit: LONGBOWMAN (Drill1 + Formation promotions)

Unique Buildin ROYAL EXCHANGE (replaces bank), +2 commerce

Unique Power: THE POWER OF COTTAGE INDUSTRY ( +1 hammer per workshop)

Great People:

Francis Bacon (Great Spy)
Daniel Defoe (Great Spy)
Francis Walsingham (Great Spy)
William Bedloe (Great Spy)
Gilbert Gifford (Great Spy)

Unique Historical Victory:
1. Control The British Isles plus 1 city in France in 1600AD (1500AD suggested)
2. Build 3 Colonial Projects by 1750AD (1700 suggested)
3. First to Industrial age

Files for Code

Here is version 1 of an encoded settler map, telling the AI where to settle:

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