Rfce Cordoba

CORDOBA (Al-Andalus) start 700AD

Leaders: ABD ar-RAHMAN III

Favoured Civic: BUREAUCRACY

Favoured Religion: ISLAM

Unique Unit: BERBER LIGHT CAVALRY 6/3 (replaces light cavalry) uses Carthaginian Numidian cav. art

Unique Building: GARDEN (+2 health +1 happiness)

Unique Power: POWER OF MEDICINE (all units start with Medic I promotion)

Great People:

Tarik ibn-Ziyad (Great General)
Musa ibn Nusair (Great General)
Yusuf ibn-Tashfin (Great General)
Abu Yusuf Yaqub (Great General)
Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi (Great General)

Ahmad al-Mussifi (Great Spy)
Ahmad al-Tifashi (Great Spy)
Ibrahim Aya (Great Spy)
Faqqi ibn Mammud (Great Spy)
Mahmoud Messadi (Great Spy)

Al Maimonides (Great Prophet)
Ahmad ibn-Rashd (Great Prophet)
Ahmad al Majriti (Great Prophet)
Ahmad ibn-Masarra (Great Prophet)
Muhammad al Idrisi (Great Prophet)

Abu al-Qasim (Great Scientist)
Ibn Khaldun (Great Scientist)
Abu ibn Zuhr (Great Scientist)
Ibrahim al Zarqali (Great Scientist)
Abu al Nabati (Great Scientist)

Abu ibn-Gharsiya (Great Artist)
Dunesh ben Labrat (Great Artist)
Muhammad Ibn Bajjah (Great Artist)
Abu ibn Tufail (Great Artist)
Abu al Kirmani (Great Artist)

Muhammad ibn Battuta (Great Merchant)
Abd ibn Farrukh (Great Merchant)
Saeed ibn Aswad (Great Merchant)
Abbas ibn al-Arabi (Great Merchant)
Tarik ben Ammar (Great Merchant)

Qasim ibn-Firnas (Great Engineer)
Khalaf al Muradi (Great Engineer)
Ibn Abi-Aamir (Great Engineer)
Tabir ibn Aflah (Great Engineer)
Ahmed Zehail (Great Engineer)

Unique Historical Victory:
1. Cordoba to reach size 10 by 1000AD
2. Control all of Iberia by conquest or vassalage in 1500AD (1400AD suggested)
3. Be the first to research Scientific Method

Files for Code

Here is version 1 of an encoded settler map, telling the AI where to settle:

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