Rfce Bulgaria

BULGARIA start 640AD

Leaders: SIMEON

Favoured Civic: None (for now)


Unique Unit: KONNIK horse archer (Uses Persian Immortal art)

Unique Building: STAN (replaces stable, 2 exp. points on new units)

Unique Power: POWER OF THE KHAN (No resistance to culture by captured cities, -2 turns of unrest)

Great People:

Unique Historical Victory:
1. Don’t loose a city to barbarians (Mongols), Byzantines, or Ottomans by 1500.
2. Own every city in Misia, Thracia and Macedonia by 1400AD.
3. Build 8 Orthodox Monasteries and 2 Orthodox Cathedrals and 8 Libraries by 1600AD.

Files for Code

Here is version 1 of an encoded settler map, telling the AI where to settle:

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