Rfce Arabia


Leaders: SALAH ad-DIN

Favoured Civic: THEOCRACY

Favoured Religion: ISLAM

Unique Unit: GHAZI CAVALRY 7/ 3 -replaces light cav. Guerilla 1 promotion (uses reskinned Persian Immortals art)

Unique Building: MADRASSA ( 1 free scientist ) +1 culture

Unique Power: THE POWER OF FAITH (State religion spreads to all conquered cities +free temple)

Great People:

Khalid Ibn al-Walid (Great General)
Abu al-Futuh Baibars (Great General)
Amir Ibn Al As (Great General)
Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas (Great General)
Zihad Ibn Salih (Great General)

Abdullah Ibn Sa'ad (Great Spy)
Abdallah Ibn Zubayr (Great Spy)
Hassan Ibn Sabbah (Great Spy)
Rashid ad-din Sinan (Great Spy)
Zakaria ye Razi (Great Spy)

Ibn al Kharizmi (Great Scientist)
Ishaq al Kindi (Great Scientist)
Kathir al Farghani (Great Scientist)
Ibn al Haytham (Great Scientist)
Abu al Rayhan al Biruni (Great Scientist)

Abd Allah ibn Sena (Great Prophet)
Muhammad Al Ghazali (Great Prophet)
Najmaddin al Kubra (Great Prophet)
Wahb ibn Munabbih (Great Prophet)
Yaqub Ibn Mishawayh (Great Prophet)

Qasim Firdawsi e Tusa (Great Artist)
Zaman al Hamadhani (Great Artist)
Qatram i Tabrizi (Great Artist)
Khaja Abdul Samad (Great Artist)
Omar Kayyam (Great Artist)

Ali ibn Nafi Ziryab (Great Merchant)
Ahmad ibn Rustah (Great Merchant)
Ibn al Shatir (Great Merchant)
Ibrahim al Zarqali (Great Merchant)
Ahmad ibn Fadlan (Great Merchant)

Jabir ibn Hayyam (Great Engineer)
Mardi ibn Ali (Great Engineer)
Hassan al Rammah (Great Engineer)
Taqi al Din (Great Engineer)
Fathullah Shirazi (Great Engineer)

Unique Historical Victory
1. Control Levant, Aleppo, Antioch and Egypt in 1000AD
2. Islam to cover 25% of the world in 1500AD (1400AD suggested)
3. Control all of North Africa east of Oran in 1700AD (1500AD suggested)

Files for Code

Here is version 1 of an encoded settler map, telling the AI where to settle:

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