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Rhye's and Fall of Civilization (or RFC) is a modpack for Civilization IV that attempts to make your single player game an “Earth simulator". With over 60 000 downloads from CivFanatics alone it is one of the most popular Civ 4 mods and was included in the retail pack of Beyond the Sword.

Download latest version: Vanilla (v1.981), Warlords (v1.481), BtS (v1.181)


  • Dynamic rise and fall of civilizations based on history. Let the game autoplay before taking control of a late-spawning civ for fresh scenarios every time.
  • Detailed stability system reacting to a number of internal and external factors.
  • Huge, realistic Earth map.
  • A new way to win: each civ has challenging conditions for "Unique Historical Victory".
  • Each civ has a unique power (UP) based on its historical strengths.
  • Dynamic civ naming based on civics, religion and diplomacy.
  • Congresses.
  • Plague.
  • A variety of scripted events including religion founding, barbarian invasions and colonial adventures.
  • A growing number of RFC Modcomps.

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