New Team Colours

Annoyed by those silly shades of pink? No problem, it's all over.
Here's a set of colours, with some edited.
In particular, two shades of pink and a shade of dark yellow were replaced with cyan (see screenshot), lime and a shade of gray.
Because of this, some other colours were darkened or lightened a bit in oder to improve the distinction.
The zip contains a .biq, too, with no rules changes but only colour assignments. This was done because there was some people complainting that sometimes some civs are automatically given the same colour. With a redistribution this won't happen again. You can play the biq with the new shades without having to overwrite the original colours.

EDIT 11/05/04: Updated version (1.1). Some changes to enhance distinction between cities colours.
The biq here is based on Conquests v1.22

-Rhye, 14-04-2004

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